Greenhouse Construction

Greenhouse Construction

One of the main promising areas for investment is construction of modern greenhouses.

Most of the greenhouses are located in the Turkestan, Almaty, Aktobe, and Zhambyl regions.

According to the statistics on the indicated greenhouse area in 2019, 1236.5 hectares produce vegetables, with 501 hectares producing cucumbers and 706 hectares producing tomatoes.

Area of greenhouse facilities*

Turkestan Region 871,6 ha Almaty Region Aktobe Region 34,7 ha Atyrau Region 15,6 ha Mangystau Region 27,8 ha Karaganda Region 26,1 ha Pavlodar Region 11,9 ha Zhambyl Region 29,2 ha 87,7 ha

Among vegetable crops, tomatoes and cucumbers are the most common and significant food products.

In total, the consumption of tomatoes and cucumbers per capita was 18.5 kg, accounting for 20% of the total number of vegetables consumed.

Price differential compared to neighboring countries:
In 2019, the average retail price for tomatoes in Kazakhstan is 474.2 tenge/kg, which is 25% less than the average retail price in Russia. Cucumbers cost 382 tenge/kg, which is 19% less than in Russia.

During the intercrop, Kazakhstan depends on imports of tomatoes and cucumbers

The deficit is covered by imports from abroad, which in 2019 amounted to 43.4 thousand tons of tomatoes and 5.9 thousand tons of cucumbers.

The total volume of imports of these vegetable crops exceeds the volume of exports by more than one and a half times.

Total area in Kazakhstan: 1236.5 hectares, among them are: 501 hectares of cucumbers and 706 hectares of tomatoes *according to 2019 data

The total consumption of tomatoes and cucumbers: 18.5 kg per person = 20% of the total volume

Average retail price:

382 tenge/kg (19% cheaper than in the Russian Federation)

Average retail price:

474.2 tenge/kg (25% cheaper than in the Russian Federation)

Export potential from foreign investors

The EAEU countries and, in particular, the Russian Federation, are major importers of tomatoes and cucumbers, which provides convenient access to the large and receptive target market. Thus, in 2019, Russia imported 558 thousand tons of tomatoes and 100 thousand tons of cucumbers.

At the same time, it is worth noting that the total population of 9 Russian regions, bordering with Kazakhstan, is over 19 million people.

Target markets
Vegetable crops
RK import (2019)
39,2 tons
5,9 tons
RF import (2019)
636,6 tons
104,4 tons

The total population of 9 Russian regions, bordering
with Kazakhstan, is over 19 million people.

icon 26 million

Expansion of the greenhouse complex in the Almaty region

icon 39 million

Construction of a greenhouse complex in the West Kazakhstan region

icon 22 million

Construction of a greenhouse in the Pavlodar region

icon 18 million

Construction of a greenhouse in the North Kazakhstan region

icon 118 million

Expansion of the greenhouse in the Almaty region up to 40 hectares

Potential Measures of State Support of the Projects
Exemption from customs duties on the import of equipment.
Exemption from VAT on the import of equipment under an investment contract or by credit method.
Reducing the tax burden payable to the budget by 70% (CIT, social tax, property tax, transport tax, VAT).
Investment subsidy of the Ministry of Agriculture for reimbursement of investment up to 25%.
Subsidies for growing priority crops (fertilizers, chemicals, seeds, etc.).
Possibility to attract local and international financing with an interest rate in national currency from 6% per annum.
Possibility of involving KIDF, Samruk Kazyna Invest, Kazyna Capital Management funds.
Building engineering infrastructure to the project site.


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