The GRP of the Kostanay region for 2019 amounted to 926 billion tenge (the share of the GRP of the region in the GRP of the Republic of Kazakhstan was% 3.3). Among the regions of Kazakhstan in terms of GRP per capita, the Kostanay region is in 10th place.

The main sectors of the economy


700 enterprises with more than 45.0 thousand employees

Over 90% of iron ore products of the republic, 100% of iron ore pellets and asbestos. Products are exported to various countries.

JSC "Kostanay minerals" - the only in Kazakhstan Asbestos Works

Explored 35 types of minerals, including: bauxite, iron, cobalt, nickel, gold, copper, molybdenum and others

69 deposits of free subsoil use

Manufacturing industry is represented by: food production, engineering, metallurgy and construction materials

SaryarkaAvtoProm LLP collects more than 50 car models of 9 brands: more than 26 thousand cars have been assembled


One of the largest grain producers (more than 25% of the total collection in the republic)

Growth of sown areas of oilseeds by 6.6 times for 10 years

The area of occupied farmland - 10.5 million hectares

Potential for the production of vegetable oil and its fractions, meat and dairy products

The growth rate of industries


(January-March 2020 to January-March 2019,%)



(January-March 2020 to January-March 2019,%)



(January-March 2020 to January-March 2019,%)



(January-March 2020 to January-March 2019,%)



(January-March 2020 to January-March 2019,%)



(January-March 2020 to January-March 2019,%)



The region is rich in forests and ore. About 400 deposits of minerals and minerals have been explored, including 68 underground waters, 19 bauxite and 7 gold deposits have been discovered, one each of silver and nickel. The subsoil of the region is rich in minerals: magnetite and oolitic iron ores, bauxite, brown coal, asbestos, refractory and brick clays, flux and cement limestone, glass sand, building stone, etc. The total reserve of magnetite ores and brown iron ore is 15.7 billion tons.

Resource raw material base

Type of raw material

Field name


Stepnoye, Aleshinskoye, Uyskoye, Kacharskoye, South Svetlodzharkulskoye, Nadezhdinskoye, East Kunayzharkulskoye, Davydovskoye, Kunayzharkulskoye, Kinebay-Kayskoye, Talkulskoye, Lomonosovskoye, Yuzhno-Sarbayskoye, etc.

Ilmenite-zircon placer

Tobolsk, Alasorsk


Alesha, Kacharsky, South Sarybaisk, Sarybaisk

Rare earth elements



Pokrovskoye, Varvarinskoye, Temirskoye, Ak-Aulskoye, Koktalskoye, Naurzumskoye, Townsorskoye, Batmankolskoye, Kamyshnoye, Belinskoye, Severo-Livanovskoye, South Livanovskoye, Mamyrkulskoye, etc.




Scheimerden, Zhitikarinskoe




Winter, East Kozyrev, East Ayat, Karabaital, Ayat, Priozern, West Ubagansk, Kushmurun, Koktalsky, Club, Kyzylzhar-Varvarinsky, North Lebanon, Krasnooktyabrsky, Belinsky, Pokrovsky, etc.




Varvarinskoye, South Tokhtarovskoye, Uvalnoye, Krasnoarmeyskoye, Sabitovskoye, Zhetygara, Zapadno-Dzhetygarinskoye, Komarovskoye, Leonidovskoye, Tokhtarovskoye, Manaydorskoye, Prokhorovskoye, Atygay, etc.


Kacharskoye (Southern and Northern section)


Red Army, Drozhilov




Kachar, Kirov, Ayat, Lisakov, Shielinskiy,


Akzhal, Zhetygarinsky, Akkarginsky




Lomonosov, Sarybaisk, South Lomanosov, Yalta


Alesha, Sokolov, Sarbaisk, South Saryba, Kacharsky

In January-September 2019 industrial production at current prices of 862.8 billion tenge, which is compared to the level of January-September 2018. amounted to 115.1%.

In the mining industry and quarrying, the industrial production index in January-September 2019 compared with January-September 2018 amounted to 107.8%. The volume of technical services in the mining industry increased (by 35.9%), metal ore mining (by 7.7%).

In the manufacturing industry, the industrial production index in January-September 2019 to the level of January-September 2018 amounted to 123.8%. The volumes of production increased in mechanical engineering (by 95.9%), metallurgy (by 28.3%), drinks (by 7.1%), printing and reproduction of recorded materials (by 6%), paper and paper products (by 4 , 3%).

In electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning, the industrial production index in January-September 2019 compared to the same period in 2018. amounted to 102.5%, mainly due to an increase in the production and distribution of gaseous fuels (by 53.3%).

In water supply; sewer system, control over the collection and distribution of waste industrial production index in January-September 2019 compared with January-September 2018 amounted to 97.7%.

The structure of industrial production of the Kostanay region by type of economic activity in January-September 2019

Kind of activity

Volume of industrial production (goods, services), thousand tenge

Share of activities in the regional volume of industrial production, in%

Mining and quarrying

  • Metal ore mining

373 438 886


335 697 110


Manufacturing industry

  • Food Production
  • Beverage production

446 586 987

141 092 119

14 337 653


Light industry

2 194 838


Production of paper and paper products

5 711 546


Chemical industry products

2 515 291


Manufacture of rubber and plastic products

4 420 832


Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products

15 265 134


Metallurgical industry

  • Iron and steel industry
  • Production of basic precious and non-ferrous metals

96 242 941

41 745 511

53 673 541


Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment

3 176 766



162 374 972


Furniture manufacture

635 878


Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning

34 418 031


Water supply; sewer system, control over the collection and distribution of waste

8 391 750


Industry - total

862 835 645



Gross output of products (services) of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in January-September 2019 amounted to 249561.3 million tenge or 66.2% compared to January-September 2018, of which agriculture - 248949.9 million tenge (66.1%).

The gross output of crop production amounted to 139835.4 million tenge (49.1%), livestock production - 107785.7 million tenge (102.3%).

Gross output of products (services) of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in the Kostanay region in January-September 2019 (million tenge)

Agriculture, forestry and fisheries

out of him:


out of him:


plant growing

animal husbandry

249 561,3

248 949,9

139 835,4 (56,17%)

107 785,7 (43,83%)

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