Road transport and roads

Highways are one of the important elements of the transport and communication complex of Kostanay region, the effective operation and sustainable development of which are becoming important factors in the modern conditions of transition to economic growth, improving the level and conditions of life of the population. The network of highways of regional and district significance of Kostanay region is one of the longest in the Republic.

The length of public roads in the region is 9 514 km.

For the volume of cargo transportation by road in the region (taking into account the assessment of the volume of work performed by individual entrepreneurs engaged in commercial transportation) amounted to 310.7 million tons of cargo.

On the territory of Kostanay region there are roads of Republican, regional and local significance. Communication with the regional center is carried out by means of highways of Republican significance Kostanay-Petropavlovsk-Kurgan, Kostanay-Astana-Almaty, Kostanay-Kokshetau, Kostanay-Chelyabinsk-Yekaterinburg.

Railway transport

Kostanay railway station was built in 1974 and is located in the North-Western part of the city. It is a class 1 station.

The operational length of the railway tracks of the Kostanay branch of the road is 1452.3 km. To ensure operational activities on the Kostanay branch of the road, there are 62 separate points (45 are open for cargo operations), of which: 45 stations, 11 sidings, 1 overtaking point, 5 posts that do not have track development.

There are roads on the Kostanay branch:

7 commercial stations: Kostanay, Iron ore, Maylin, Zhitikara, Arkalyk, Aristander, Arch;

4 precinct stations: Tobol, Kushmurun, Yesil, Sarykol;

46 intermediate stations including: 34 stations, 11 passing points, 1 passing point.

Air transport

Kostanay airport is located 2 kilometers South-West of the outskirts of the city of Kostanay and 5.6 km from its administrative center. The airport is international. The number of flights per year is more than 1400, the number of passengers per year is more than 110,000, cargo is handled, and about 220 tons of mail per year.

By air from Kostanay you can get daily to Astana by air Astana flights, 6 times a week by SKAT and Qazaq Air airlines flights to Almaty are performed, in summer 2 times a week there will be flights to Hanover and Minsk, 3 flights to Moscow.

Energy infrastructure and heat supply

Power generation in the region is carried out by: Rudnenskaya CHPP of JSC "SSGPO" with a capacity of 267 MW, Kostanay CHPP 12 MW, Arkalyk CHPP 4 MW. All generated electricity is used by energy sources for their own needs of enterprises. Power supply of cities in the region are carried out by enterprises of Ore - LLP "Rudnenskiy energy company"; Arkalyk – CSE "Kostrioukova"; Zhitikara – sue "Zhitikara-kommunenergo"; Lisakovsk – sue PHO "Lisakovskgorcommunenergo". Power supply Kostanay and rural settlements of the region are carried out by LLP "Kostanay power Center", serving 14 Northern districts of the region and KGP "Kostanay electric Service", serving 103 Amangeldinsky and Zhangeldinsky districts. Transmission of electricity through networks of 35-220 kV in the region is carried out by LLP "Mezhregionenergotransit", on networks of 0.4-10 kV-LLP "EPK forfait" , in the city of Rudny-LLP "Zharyk Zhol", today LLP "EPK Attika". The total length of electric networks is 29.3 thousand km, including cable lines-1268.5 km. On the territory of the region 327 substations with a voltage of 35 kV and above and 4462 RP, TP, KTP 6-10/0.4 kV.

In total, there are 3 thermal power plants in the Kostanay region, boiler houses above 100 Gcal / hour 6 units, up to 100 Gcal/hour 102 units. The average wear of heat source equipment is 42%. In the cities of Kostanay region, district heating is used. The level of provision of district heating services in the region is 41%. The total length of the heat networks is 798.5 km. the Wear of the networks is 51%.

Tariffs for industrial and communal services

Name of the service



for legal entities: for 1 kW/hour – 23.68 tenge

Thermal energy

for legal entities: 1 Gcal – 14 095.86 tenge

Garbage collection

for legal entities: or 1 m3 – 1666.4 tenge


for legal entities: for 1 m3 – 253.89 tenge


for legal entities: for 1 m3 – 30.76 tenge

Water disposal

for legal entities: for 1 m3 – 160.94 tenge

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