Kostanay region is a unique iron ore and bauxite base of the republic.

The main branches of the economy:

1. Industry
  • 700 enterprises with more than 45.0 thousand employees
  • Over 90% of the republic’s iron ore products, 100% iron ore pellets and asbestos. Products are exported to various countries.
  • JSC "Kostanay Minerals" - the only asbestos plant in Kazakhstan
  • 35 types of minerals have been explored, including: bauxite, iron, cobalt, nickel, gold, copper, molybdenum and others
  • 69 deposits of free subsoil use
  • The manufacturing industry is represented by: food production, mechanical engineering, the metallurgical industry and the production of building materials
  • LLP "SaryarkaAvtoProm" collects more than 50 models of cars 9 brands: collected more than 26 thousand cars
2. Agriculture
  • One of the largest grain producers (over 25% of the total collection in the republic)
  • The growth of acreage of oilseeds by 6.6 times for 10 years
  • The area of ​​farmland occupied is 10.5 million hectares
  • Potential for the production of vegetable oil and its fractions, meat and dairy products

In Kostanay region there are 6 reservoirs with a total design water volume of 1.5 billion m3, which gives great potential for the development of projects involving water consumption.

The construction of the Industrial zone of 400 hectares.

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