Mining Congress Qazaqstan

Mining Congress Qazaqstan

Astana city, Kazakhstan

The professional international platform which unites 150+ senior executives of mining companies from Qazaqstan and Central Asia: CEOs, CTOs, project initiators, government officials, dedicated regulators, technology licensors, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and services, engineering, design, and construction companies. 

The event is devoted to sharing experiences between key mining companies, to discussing flagship investment projects for the construction and modernisation of production and infrastructure facilities, to development of new deposits and boosting productivity of operating mining plants.

Programme Highlights 2024:

150+ SENIOR EXECUTIVES OF KEY MINING COMPANIES FROM KAZAKHSTAN and other Central Asian countries: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan; initiators of investment projects, companies-developers of equipment and technologies, international investors

20+ MAJOR INVESTMENT PROJECTS: construction of concentrating plants, modernisation, expansion of capacities, exploration of new deposits

40+ SPEAKERS and panellists: project and government representatives, regulators, industry experts

30+ HOURS OF BUSINESS AND INFORMAL NETWORKING: pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings, business lunches, coffee breaks, interactive discussions, cocktail reception, and a lot more

TECHNOLOGICAL TRENDS and innovations for the mining industry – showcase of new equipment and advanced solutions for mining production

IMPORTANT! Overview of the mining industry market of Kazakhstan: plans on modernisation and introduction of new capacities: discussion of strategies on modernisaton, plans on introduction of innovative technologies, expansion of production capacities to boost competitive performance

HOT! Equipping of production and technical nuances of infrastructure: innovative approaches to infrastructure development in light of modern trends and requirements for effective management

ROUNDTABLE ON HR NEEDS: company strategies for staffing. The roundtable on personnel issues focused on developing company strategies aimed at effective management of human resources, including training, retraining, and staff motivation

GEOLOGY: geological exploration as a catalyst for the mining industry development. The prospects of using geological research as a key factor contributing to accelerated development of the mining industry, with special attention to innovative research methods

ENVIRONMENTAL BALANCE: from legislative acts to their direct implementation. Transition from formulating legislative acts in the field of ecology to their practical implementation in companies of the mining industry, including measures to comply with standards and to mitigate environmental risks

SPECIALISED EXHIBITION of technical, technological and service solutions from industry leaders: high-tech solutions demonstrated at the exhibition show the latest achievements in the field of innovations offering the participants to review the latest development from leading companies operating in the mining industry

Event Steering Committee:

Anna Nosova

Project Producer

Tel. +44 207 394 30 90



Data: 15-16 May 2024

Organised by: Vostock Capital

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