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"SaryarkaAvtoProm" LLP

SaryarkaAvtoProm LLP is the largest automobile manufacturing enterprise in Kazakhstan, within which operations on welding, painting and assembling cars are performed. The product line currently represented by such brands as JAC, Peugeot, IVECO, ANKAI, Hyundai, Ravon, Chevrolet Niva.

SaryarkaAvtoProm LLP is a joint venture of SEC Tobol JSC and Allure Group of Companies, the largest car manufacturer and distributor in Kazakhstan.

The company has been operating since 2010, in total for the period of activity more than 30 thousand cars were produced.

The production capacity of the company is the SKD assembly (IVECO, Hyundai, JAC, RAVON, Peugeot, СHEVROLET NIVA) - 9,000 units, small-unit assembly (JAC) - 5,000 units.

In January-July 2018, 6,125 vehicles were assembled (Ravon - 400, CHEVROLET NIVA - 531, Hyundai - 4,146, JAC - 931, Peugeot - 79, IVECO - 38).

In accordance with the company's development plan until 2020, it is planned to produce 37 thousand cars per year (more than 8 thousand JAC cars).

In 2015, the Chinese company China National Vehicles Import & Export Corporation (SMS) and the Kazakh Allyur Group of Companies signed the first cooperation agreement, under which the Chinese side decided to enter into the capital of Allyur Group. Within the framework of this agreement, SaryarkaAvtoProm LLP implements a project for the production of JAC vehicles using the small node assembly method.

Also in 2017, the production of electric cars JAC iEV6e and iEV7 started. The production volume for 2018 will be about 500 units of electric vehicles.

Today, SaryarkaAvtoProm LLP for 8 years of development has significantly deepened the localization of production, introduced new technologies, improved technological processes for the production of modern cars with the lowest cost and highest efficiency.

Production of cars at the site of SaryarkaAvtoProm LLP is of great importance for the development of the domestic auto industry, technology transfer and the creation of new jobs.

Successful implementation of the project is due, among other things, to measures of state support provided. Thus, high-tech equipment used in production was leased under the Productivity 2020 program, funds for the purchase of components were provided under the credit line opened by Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC, under the program of the National Agency for Local Content Development NADLoC ”reimbursed the costs of certification and the development of design documentation, as investment preferences - exemption from customs duties, etc.

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